Guru Bramha.. Guru Vishnu.. Guru Devo Maheswaraha.. Guru Sakshat parabramha.. Thasmaisree Guruve namaha
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4.30 am - Temple Opening
6.15 am - Sri Baba Abishekam
9.30 am onwards - Gurustan Abishekam
12.00 am - Afternoon Aarthi sung by devotees
12.30 pm - Temple forenoon closing
3.30 pm - Evening temple opening
6.00 pm - Evening Aarthi
7.00 pm - Bhajans by Devotees
7.45 pm - Aarthi
8.00 pm - Chavadi Oorvalam.
9.45 pm - Temple closes
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Sai is one of the avatars who have come to this world to lead us all in kaliyug.We do not have any authentic source about the birth and background of Sai. He came to Shirdi in the year 1872 along with a marriage party.

For us, we the sai bhaktas, ' Sai..Sai..' is the mantra which we chant like our breath and in situations where we need divine grace. Most of us do not know the real meaning of what the name sai says.

An explanation of the word ' SAI '  has been given by another great saint 'Sri Ramakrishna Paramahams' . I prostrate before his feet for not giving his explanations exactly as in his words, but what I have understood.

" Any person who tries to understand and reach god comes under four category

 1.Pravarthka is the one  who wears his traditionally followed appearances like wearing a mala / tilaks of various type,following  traditional customs, etc.,

 2. Sadaka is the one who does not give much importance to the appearance and external customs, but in his deep heart always searches for the truth called god.

3. Sidha  is the one who has completely under stood the presence of god.

4. Sidha of Sidha is the SIDHA who has not only understood god, but in frequent conversation with god. Such people are called 'SAI'. This the utmost level a human can reach in his life." 

It is my belief some of the Gurus who can be called  'SAI' are

1.Adi Sankara - the founder of Advaitha

2.Jesus Christ - the founder of Christianity

3.Muhammed -  the founder of Islam

By mentioning the above names, I do not say they are the only one. Since I have knowledge to the extend of only a drop from the ocean. I request your pardon if i have not mentioned who you feel, can be SAI.

But one thing is certain, the uniqueness of SAI is propagating,

' compassion towrads fellow creatures'

In 1872 when Sai came to shirdi along with a marriage party, Mahalstapathy who is a Sidha Purusa identified his master (Sidha of Sidha) and happily welcomed him as 'AVO SAI'. From that time onwards our SAI  stayed in SHIRDI and blessed his devotees across the world.

Even after his earthly demise in 1918, he still blesses everybody with  a heavenly presence. Ever growing number of Shirdi Sai Temples in our country is a standing proof of SAI BHAKTHI.


Gowriwakkam Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
Gowrivakkam Baba temple was built by Baba himself, using Sidha Purasa Kulasekara Perumal as an instrument. Sri Kulasekara Perumal is affectionately called as APPA by the devotees for the selfless guidance and consolation he gives to the  devotees who come to SAI DARBAR at Gowrivakkam. As Sarada ma to Sri Ramakrishna and the Mother to Sri Aurobindo. Mrs.Gajalakshmi Kulasekara perumal (we call her AMMA) was his spritual guru who introduced him to Sri Sai. Appa himself has said this in his book and personal interaction with a set of devotees, who were early birds to come his nest. I am blessed to be one among them. On one occasion he told us personally how he was blessed by Shirdi Sai.............. 
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