Chawadi Darshan – Gowrivakkam Sai Baba Temple

Chawadi Darshan – Gowrivakkam Sai Baba Temple

Sai is one of the avatars who have come to this world to lead us all in kaliyug.We do not have any authentic source about the birth and background of Sai. He came to Shirdi in the year 1872 along with a marriage party.

For us, we the sai bhaktas, ‘ Sai..Sai..’ is the mantra which we chant like our breath and in situations where we need divine grace. Most of us do not know the real meaning of what the name sai says.

An explanation of the word ‘ SAI ‘ has been given by another great saint ‘Sri Ramakrishna Paramahams’ . I prostrate before his feet for not giving his explanations exactly as in his words, but what I have understood.

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