Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Gowrivakkam
#1, Sai Baba Temple Street, Gowrivakkam, Chennai, TN - 600073
Mon-Sun: 04:00 - 20:00

History of the Sai Temple

Mrs Kulasekara Perumal was a strong devotee of SAI. Mr Perumal was not a Sai devotee then. Perumalji was working as an Asst.,A/c officer in Electricity Board, and retd., in the yr., 1986.Around his age of 30,

when Mr Perumal got a chance to travel to Mumbai on an official trip, his wife requested him to visit Shirdi. Mr Perumal after completing his office works, on one early morning at 4 AM went to Mumbai station and enquired for tickets to Shirdi.

The person at counter guided him by informing that he should take a train from Victoria terminus to Manmad and then another train from Manmad to Kopergaon to reach Shirdi.

To take Manmad train, first Mr Perumal has to take a local train to reach Victoria terminus. But he could hear an announcement that local trains are late by 30 minutes. Now he had only 20 mins left to take Manmad express. He immediately prayed BABA to help him. Unexpectedly a stranger asked "Where do you want to go?" When Mr Perumal explained his situation, the stranger asked Mr Perumal to follow him. He took Mr Perumal out of the platform, took a taxi and instructed driver to drive fast to Victoria terminus.

In 15 mins they reached the terminus. Then the staranger told Mr Perumal "Only 5 minutes is left for train. Pls rush from this place immediately." Saying this, the stranger moved away from the spot and disappeared. It was then Mr Perumal realised it is none other than BABA.

Mr Perumal reached the train. There was lot of crowd, not able to get into the train. A guard came to him and asked "Where are you going". On hearing the answer as Shirdi, the guard hugged Mr Perumal and got him a seat in the train. When Mr Perumal got down in Manmad, the same guard guided him to the platform to take Kopergaon train. After boarding the Kopergaon train, Mr Perumal had a thought in his mind like "If there is anybody to accompany me, it will be a more HAPPY DARSHAN for me".

In next few minutes, a 15 years old boy came and sat next to Mr Perumal. Mr Perumal asked him in English, "Where are you going?". The Boy replied as "to Shirdi" in Marati. But Mr Perumal could feel as he was speaking in Tamil. On reaching Kopergaon, this boy informed that Bus stand is 3 miles away from there and they have to go by tonga . The boy made Mr Perumal to sit in a tonga and he also sat with Perumal. After reaching the bus stand, he told Mr Perumal "You are hungry. Have two teas because you do not like any other" . It was true, after leaving Chennai Mr Perumal did not have proper food as he did not like the taste.

This boy helped Mr Perumal in getting a single room accommodation. He arranged for easy darshan. He left Mr Perumal inside Samadhi Mandir and asked him to enjoy nice darshan. In the meantime, the boy arranged for the South indian breakfast for Perumal. After one hour, he took Mr Perumal for breakfast and made him enjoy his food. He arranged for Lunch & Dinner too.

This boy helped Mr Perumal to have darshan during all aarthis. The next day he took Mr Perumal early in the morning to perform Milk Abhishekam to Sai. After completion of abhishekam he infomed Perumal, "There ia bus to Manmad at 8 AM, please leave this place soon as your office friends are waiting for you". All his behaviours & speech were wonders to Mr Perumal. Mr Perumal never mentioned anything about his friends, then how come he knows?. The boy made Mr Perumal to take bus to Manmad.

At Manmad, he took Mr Perumal to station and showed him the ticket counter asking him to buy a ticket to Mumbai soon. When Mr Perumal was back from counter, he could not see that boy anywhere. It was a shock to Mr Perumal. He realised the boy again is "SAI". Mr Perumal started crying. People around him thought that he had lost his money or luggage. But no one knows the fact.

It took more than 20 minutes to realise himself. Since then the trust and devotion towards Sai increased within Perumal. Before this trip, he was praying different GOD in different forms, but after realising Sai, he surrendered him only to Sai.

After this trip, Mr Perumal daily visited Baba temple at Mylapore, Chennai. When he retired in 1986, he spent most of his time in temple. Because of his true devotion, he was asked to perform dressing and abhishek to Sai by temple officials. Later he was given additional responsibility of taking care of Navaithiya, Annadhan and other pooja tasks too. In this way he got an opportunity to serve Sai for 13 years.

Due to some reason he had to leave that temple after 13 years. He was not able to spent his time without offering his services to Sai even just for 2 days. On 3rd day,The priest got a blissful dream Sai appeared in his dream and placed his divine hand on the head of Perumalji and said,” Leave out your ego and submit yourself to me, I shall help you to construct a mandir and you will be an instrument for the same.” "BUILD MY TEMPLE FOR YOURSELF".

He really felt as though a thunder landed on his head and he was literally sweating when he got up, he was so happy and was in a total bliss he started to weep that he did not use the opportunity to touch the lotus feet of our Saima.

When Mr Perumal said "I don’t have enough money", Sai replied "NO EGO, BE A TOOL, TAKE EFFORTS". From that day, every night BABA instructed Perumal what he had to do next day. Following all HIS instructions, Mr Perumal was able to construct this temple. The Kumbabeshekam of temple was performed on 27th August 2000.

The priest also adds that for the mandir right from the color of paint, the kind of brick/tile everything is purely the choice of Sai, he tells that he did not see any Vastu for constructing the temple as it is the home of our divine mother. He never faced any financial problems while constructing the mandir as the fund inflow was also taken care by Sai.

He tells that his wife is his guru. She had been a very staunch devotee of Sai and she had a small pratima of Sai, she got the pratima from her father ,it is very unique and she used to do her pooja to her Lord. The pratima is black and is not seen one of that kind. The priest used to even make fun of his wife’s devotion until he was blessed by Sai, he did not realize who Sai is? And now he just resides in the temple and gets all the divine blessings from Sai.

This BABA mandir does so many leelas as all other BABA Mandirs.

The most significant part of this temple is our eternal father resides here in the form of goddess. Yes, Sai is dressed up like a goddess with all kind of ornaments right from stud, maattal (a small chain around the ears fixing with the stud), necklace,long chain with pendant,kumkum, aaram, anklet, silk saree . Our Sai is a Maharani (a Queen).