Mrs. Kulasekara perumal was a staunch devotee of Shirdi Sai. Mr. Perumal was not a sai devotee then. But in 1960’s he got a chance to travel to Mumbai on an official trip. On his wife’s request he visited shirdi. It was said that during his visit , baba appeared as a small boy and helped him for all arrangements right from train route till darshan (including food and accommodation).

Later on enquiry he came to know that there is no such boy in that place and thereby confirmed that it was none other than Sai. Then he became a staunch sai devotee.

After this trip, Mr. Kulasekara Perumal started visiting Mylapore Sai baba temple daily. He got retired in 1986 and started doing service in this temple till 1999. Due to some reasons, he had to leave that temple after 13 years of Service. He was not able to spend even a single day without doing service to his beloved Sai. After few days, baba appeared in his dream and instructed him to construct this temple.

He started appearing in Mr.perumal’s dream daily night and gave instructions and directions in constructing this temple in Gowrivakkam. Mr. Perumal also adds that for the mandir right from the color of paint, the kind of brick and everything is purely the choice of Sai. He also did not see any Vastu for constructing the temple as instructions was given by Sai himself.

The interesting feature of this temple is that baba is being worshipped as Saima (Goddess) here. A devotee brought a padam – namam made out of gold (for goddess Alamelu) and pressurized Mr.perumal to keep with him. He accepted it with half mind. Then Baba appeared in perumal’s dream and asked him to beautify him through that gold ornament and also instructed him to worship him as Goddess.

Baba and his conversation with preist :

The priest had a habit of telling the ladies not to use “Udi” on the forbidden days. (He keeps telling them not to touch for 5 days). One day Saima, asked him “Why da? (Da -a term used with love, shows the closeness)

WHY DO YOU TELL LADIES NOT TO USE “UDI” ON THOSE FORBIDDEN DAYS”?? WHEN I AM A MOTHER AND UNDERGOING ALL THAT UPADRAV– problems (this word was used by Sai)! Priest said, “ok ma I will let them keep your udi and will not let them circumbulate temple on those days, Sai was just smiling at him and went away.

The priest realized that, “Oh my Sai, is not with me as my eternal father, but he is my mother to me, this incident brought a transformation in his mind and he started to dress up SAI MAHARAJ AS SAIMAHARANI.

 (Devotees can see a bluish green color line on saima’s, leg and it is believed to be saima’s nerve. .)
After this incident a devotee by named Ramesh (cement dealer) came to the priest and said, “Appa, I made this single padam-namam out of gold. (Lord Balaji’s wife – Goddess Alamelu she wears on her forehead a single vertical line with trishnum-a red powder like kumkum).
The priest was wondering what to do with that?
He was not ready to accept it. But the devotee was pressurizing the priest to keep it with himself, so half minded the priest accepted the same. Saima, told the priest,

“WHY DA, WHY ARE YOU REFUSING IT, TAKE IT FROM THE DEVOTEE, I TOLD YOU I AM GODDESS, YOU ARE BEAUTIFYING ME WITH STUD WHY DON’T YOU KEEP THE SINGLE PADAM(vertical line)-NAMAM ON MY FOREHEAD ON SATURDAYS”. (Saturdays is considered to be more auspicious for Lord Balaji). From then the priest kept “three horizontal lines –UDI on saima’s forehead on all the days of the week and only on Saturday he keeps Single vertical line –namam on the forehead of saima.